Convert paper charts

Sometimes scanning recent records makes the most sense. Maybe you need to move 2014 ERs out of your department, but you know you’ll need to access them frequently. Scanning very well could be your most cost effective solution. You avoid the frequent retrieval charges you’d pay if these records were sitting in storage. And, you’ll have the chart you need a lot faster.

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Disc or Online Hosting

You can choose to have your records scanned to discs that you keep right in your department. Or, for added convenience, we’ll upload them to our slick, Google-like online records management system. All you’ll have to do is login, search and download.  

  Download Our Archive Scanning Brochure

You Can Do It Yourself

If you’d like to stop filing charts, our web-based system allows you to scan, upload and index right from your department. All you need is a scanner, web browser and an EvriChart account to get started. Records are immediately available. It really is that simple. 

Download Our Self Scanning Brochure