Purge Older Medical Records
Without Disruption

Aging medical records become less active over time, and they take up valuable space in your HIM department, space you need for new, more active records. That's why a careful purge is the foundation of successful records management. However, if you’re like most HIM professionals, you simply don’t have the time or staff to conduct an end-to-end purge.

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An Extension of
Your HIM Team

While many companies might offer purge services, few are dedicated to the process like we are. Our purge are trained professionals who speak your language.

What You Can Expect


First, we’ll conduct an assessment to familiarize ourselves with your records and your goals.


Next, we’ll develop a plan to get the job done quickly and on your schedule.


Finally, our team will conduct your purge with minimal disruption to your department. Your records will then be accessible from one of our HIPAA-compliant storage facilities. Requesting a record from our online portal is quick and easy. Our average record retrieval time is under 25 minutes.