The Paper Reality

Hospitals are still producing a lot of paper charts and the storage space for those charts is getting smaller. But, they have to go someplace. Most storage solutions don’t meet HIPAA compliance. 

If you’re managing your storage, a member of your staff ends up running across campus, lifting boxes and searching for charts. Or, if your records are managed by a general vendor, you may as well be speaking Greek when you request a 2011 Op Note. Either way, you end up having to find the chart yourself. 


Want some reassurance about your HIPAA Compliance?

Demystifying HIPAA Compliant Records Management

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Our software development team designed an easy, online experience for accessing your records.

The EvriChart Solution

We’ve taken the time to get to know medical records very, very well. We speak the language. We know the parts of a chart. And, we deliver what you need faster than anyone else in the business.

You only need an Op Note? You’ll get the Op Note. Period. You won’t get the whole 200-page chart, and we certainly won’t drop the entire box at your doorstep.

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