Index your charts

By adding ChartClear to your storage plan, you can search for a chart online and know immediately that we have it. Even better, we know exactly where it is.  

As with the basic EvriChart storage plan, your records will be stored in one of our HIPAA/HITECH compliant facilities. The only difference is we will index your records at the chart level by key demographics. That means you can search by medical record number, account number, or patient name, see immediately that it is in our warehouse, and click to request the complete chart or only the parts you need. 

Download Our Chart Indexing Brochure

What is ChartClear?

See how pediatric sorting lowers your costs.


Misfiled Records Can’t Hide

With ChartClear, you will never hear, “We can’t find that record.” Even a misfiled record will be found as quickly as if it were in its correct location. Once indexed, each chart has a known location within the warehouse. We like a good game as much as the next guy; hide and seek just isn’t one of them.


Reduce Storage Costs Over Time

ChartClear also establishes a destruction date for each record. Because we’ve indexed the patient’s date of birth and date of service, we know exactly how long that record should be retained. If you want, we will destroy your records according to your state or facility retention policy. You don’t have to store your records forever.


Pediatric Sorting

We can’t get your kids to leave the house, but we can get your peds out of your boxes. During the indexing process, we separate pediatric records from adult records. That way your adult boxes are not held captive any longer than they have to be.