HIPAA/HITECH secure records storage
With 24/7 access.

Are you running out of storage space? Is your current storage a mess? Are you worried that you might not be HIPAA compliant?

We understand and we’re here to help. Not many companies focus on complete solutions for medical records storage, but we do.

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Meet HIPAA-HITECH record storage requirements

Our basic storage solution protects your medical records in a secure, off-site storage facility.

Need a patient’s record? Simply submit a request on our online portal. Don’t waste time digging through boxes. We’ll find the record you need and get it to you in record time.


Take the next step & index your records

With ChartClear, we index key data fields to make finding the right record even easier.

ChartClear also creates a lifecycle plan so you can destroy records when they reach state or facility record retention requirements.


Quick & efficient purge without disruption

An effective purge is the foundation of all good medical records management. Our purge teams have seen HIM departments all over the country and know exactly what they're doing


Convert paper charts to electronic charts 

With our scanning service, you can search and access your paper records online instantly. For more recent records, scanning can lower your retreival costs.