Begin with a true picture of your MPI

You need a clean MPI. That’s a no-brainer. The challenge is in knowing whether or not you have an MPI problem. Most HIM systems offer only rudimentary duplicate analysis. You need a true picture of your MPI. That’s where we begin.

EvriChart offers a free, no commitment data analysis upon request. Depending on the outcome of the analysis, you may not need a cleanup at all. It’s possible your MPI is more accurate than you think. Wouldn’t it be nice to know? 


Need tips on keeping your MPI clean?

Merge To The Newest MRN: Why It Should Be Your Policy.

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Most MPI cleanup solutions are very expensive, requiring a software purchase and IT involvement. It gives your CFO heartburn. It gives your IT department heartburn. You probably just popped an antacid right now.

A capital expense to cleanup your MPI is probably not on the table. That’s why we created flexible MPI options that work for your budget. It is possible to create a plan with a manageable monthly payment. 


We'll deliver your duplicates. 

What you do with your report is up to you. You may choose to merge your own duplicates in-house. If you have a low duplicate creation rate and the available staff, this is probably all you need.


We'll clean up your duplicates.

Many facilities don’t have the staff for in-house merging. You can select the number of hours of cleanup you want to gradually reduce your duplicate rate, and we’ll do the work. A moderate monthly payment and a consistently decreasing duplicate rate make everyone happy.


We'll meet your deadlines.

Sometimes there’s no way around it, you need a cleanup and you need it fast. We’ve tackled MPI projects with hard deadlines many times. Luckily we have a team of skilled analysts who work around the clock to get you where you need to be. 


Why is our analysis better?

The short answer is our algorithms dig deeper than those typically used by an EMR. We don’t just look at SSN matches. We evaluate multiple demographic fields to get a more accurate view of possible duplicates. Placeholder SSNs are tossed out so you won’t get an artificially inflated duplicate rate. It’s actually pretty interesting. 



Wouldn’t you like to know where you stand?

Get started with a free duplicate analysis