Get charts to coders

Charts are piling up in your department. You need qualified coders, but they’re in short supply. This is the story we have heard over and over again. So, we gave it some thought.

What we came up with is ChartFlow, a simple, secure way for you to get charts in front of remote coders. Now you can work with coders no matter where they are.

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5 Tips for Remote Coding Paper Charts to Improve Productivity

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Who is ChartFlow for?

There are lots of coding platforms on the market, so it makes sense to wonder how ChartFlow fits in. ChartFlow is not an encoder. A coder will still input codes into your billing system. It is a web-based solution for getting charts in front of remote coders. We think there should be a solution somewhere between everything and nothing.


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Scan, Route, Code

With ChartFlow all you have to do is scan and upload your charts to EvriChart’s secure, online system. We can index your charts for you if you want. Then, remote coders simply access your charts and code them.

Beyond routing, uploaders can append charts with missing information. Coders can hold charts for manager review or physician query. A comments section makes communicating about a chart easy. Managers love ChartFlow because they can reassign charts and monitor coder productivity. By the way, coders can’t download charts to their computer, so PHI stays safe and secure.

See how easy it can be to get charts to coders.

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