Advanced Health Information Management

From purge and compliant storage, scanning and chart routing to MPI clean up and data hosting, EvriChart understands health information.

It really is that simple. At EvriChart, we decided long ago we would do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else. We also understand this is just one small piece of your complex world, but it’s a piece we can manage for you.

We're Different

Maybe it’s hard to believe, but EvriChart has made a boutique service out of records management. HIM isn’t just one of our departments; it’s every department. And, because hospitals don’t close, we don’t either. Just like your facility, our lights are always on. 


Records Management

HIPAA/HITECH compliant purge, storage, retrieval and hosting. Get what you need when you need it.


Master Patient Index Cleanup

Cleanup plans that get you where you need to be, on your timeline and within your budget.


Coding Workflow

Securely scan your charts to remote coders with ChartFlow. You scan. We route. They code.