Day Forward Self Scanning

Upload, Index and Retrieve Medical Records Scanned at Your Facility

EvriChart’s Day Forward Scanning utility is a completely web-based document upload and indexing interface designed specifically for medical records. All you need is a scanner, web browser and account. We created a simple, easy to use, affordable system that enables your HIM department to process scanned records for easy online access and retrieval, instead of filing them in paper form.

  • Cost saving alternative to electronic document management system (EDMS).
  • Convert paper records to searchable, online electronic documents.
  • No software to purchase or install, no user fees or user licenses.
  • Unlimited numbers of users and usage.
  • Simple, web-based interface and workflow: Upload. Index. Retrieve.
  • All you need is a scanner and web browser.
  • Index templates customizable to your facility and record group
  • Search and retrieval via single box search in ACCESS
  • Formatting for integration into EMR upon request

Simple 1-2-3 Upload & Indexing

Simple 1-2-3 Record Retrieval

Records Can Be Searched and Viewed Immediately After Uploading

Need to append? No problem. Records can be easily appended to the end, or inserted to a specific position within the chart. Staff can upload and index records as they are scanned, or they can index later. Other staff can index simultaneously or at a later time as well. The system is extremely flexible and accommodating of schedules and skill sets.