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EvriChart is a company built on a long history of specializing in health information management. We began with paper medical records storage, and continue to hone our simple, accurate online retrieval and reporting processes. We expanded to offer a line of services for HIM professionals that includes master patient index clean up and affordable remote coding solutions. Come see how our HIM specialization enables us to bring affordable and innovative solutions to your health information management challenges.

EvriChart services.
Exclusively for HIM.


Remote Coder Workflow

Simple, secure, and affordable solution for getting your charts in front of coders wherever they are.

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MPI Clean Up

Improve patient care and increase revenue by reducing your duplicate rate to less than 1%. Begin now with a free analysis.


Medical Record Storage

Fast, accurate, and secure online access to your records 24/7/365 with HIPAA/HITECH-compliant medical records storage.

Chart Index

Medical Record Management at the Chart Level

Key chart demographics indexed for quick online search, making retrieval of stored records easier than ever, even in the case of a misfile.

Uploading and Indexing of Medical Charts

Day Forward Scanning Solution

Scan your paper records right from your department for easy online access and retrieval.

Hard Drive

Legacy Data Archiving

Archive decommissioned legacy data for fast, easy retrieval via Google-like search.

Squeezed Chart

Medical Record Purging

On site specialists perform thinning and year-band purges, along with misfile correction, all without disruption.


Paper Chart Scanning

Our specialists scan your recent paper charts for online retrieval or upcoming EMR implementation.